Are you UP for an experience of a lifetime?

Pope Francis has invited us in this Jubilee Year to go on a pilgrimage, a time for reflection, community and analogous to the journey of life we meet people along the way, hear their stories and share ours.  We will experience a spiritual shot in the arm.  We’d love to get to know you as we walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

For information click on this link:www.pilgrimages.com/ccsg


What is the tab “CBRR” in the menu above all about??

CBRR is an abbreviation for “Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” where you can find the document affirmed and adopted by 2,000 Catholics at the ACC’s inaugural event in Detroit (June, 2011).

On several occasions, Pope Francis pointed to the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and himself and said “We are not the Church!”and pointing to the laity in the room, said “You are the Church!” Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a Catholic is key to being the Church that Pope Francis says we are! This document is foundational in all we do.

Changes to our website!

An informed Catholic is one that seeks to understand the issues and since we serve the grassroots, we strive to help Catholics stay informed in as many ways as we can. Becoming more informed through an exchange of ideas around key issues that affect us all, we at American Catholic Council are committed to serving YOU. We will post ongoing articles, opinions and headlines, that normally would appear only with our monthly newsletter.

New postings can be found under the menu item “IN THE NEWS”. We encourage you to comment on articles and engage in the kind of much-needed dialogue our Church needs. Engagement with these issues is key to help the Church in the age of Pope Francis. His hallmark processes are encounter and dialogue.

We encourage you to sign up for email alerts for newly posted items. We will continue to send out an email monthly but it will have a new format. It will be a listing of all the previous month’s postings with convenient links to access the item listed.

Let’s follow Pope Francis’ and begin to talk to each other! We so look forward to reading your thoughts on critical issues soon!

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