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Reclaiming the Promise of Vatican II

Beyond Detroit & Toward a New Catholic Spring 
NEWS UPDATE/BULLETIN                 September 16,  2012         

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Gleanings from the Grassroots
CCCR St. Paul Minneapolis
St. Paul/Minneapolis 

These folks really have it together and we are so proud of them!  Learn how Vatican II Catholics in the Archdiocese of St. Paul/ Minneapolis have been organizing in tandem with ACC, building from the ground up in their local community. We’ve posted their amazing story to Gleanings from the Grassroots on the ACC Assemblies Community Network.

Passing On
Cardinal Carlo Martini
Cardinal Carlo Martini was the much loved and pastoral archbishop of Milan, Italy. His recent death generated a buzz in the media regarding his sustained call for reform in the Spirit of Vatican II. You will enjoy some inspiring testimonials about him:
BBC Video 
Martini’s Final Interview
(Commonweal, 9/1/12)
And a Passing On
Of Another Sort:
Provocative commentary by Tom Fox in NCR about Poetman John Chuchman; John, we love you and hold you close to the movement!
Vatican II Resources
As We Mark its 50th Anniv


An easy-read overview of the significance of John XXIII and Vatican II, by Biagio Mazza in the Oct 2012 Issue of NCR’sCelebration Magazine.

CD audio set by Fr. Anthony Ciarra of Fordham University.  Great listening during the work commute. Twelve short 25-min lectures on 5 CDs, with Study Guide.

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Tuning the Engines of Church Reform  ACC has consistently been an inverted pyramid of activity.  The Detroit Pentecost event of 2011achieved rousing success because it was grounded in the grassroots and provided input from across the country.  ACC continues to put top priority on fostering dialogue that will help us discern modes of action for change. Though the summer may have been a “kick-back” time for many, ACC has been tuning its engines to give church reform activists in the grassroots what they have told us they need. Read more on our “doings” below.For those of you coming to Louisville in November for the Call to Action Conference, please plan to join the ACC CAUCUS SESSION:

Saturday, November 10th, at 12 noon (check program for details)

There you will have the opportunity to meet members of the ACC Planning Committee, hear reports on exciting developments, and share your own stories of how Catholics are becoming agents of change in the Church.

We also remind you to post your events to the Calendar of Events on the Assemblies Community Network. The ACN and its interactive resources are open to the broadest engagement of all those who share our vision for a Church reformed in the Spirit of Vatican II.


And finally, as we approach the end of the year, we remind you of our  fundraising goal of $35,000 to sustain operations and meet our goals in the coming year. Donations and year end-pledges to date are now over $10,000, or 30% of our goal.  Please consider making a donation TODAY at ACC Fund Campaign. Our success depends on you! We have extended our “deadline” to be eligible for our “Author’s Lottery” until the end of October.  Thank You!

Janet HauterIn gratitude and humility,

          — Janet Hauter     
Chair, ACC National Planning Committee

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Changing Power Relationships at Full Throttle

ACC Institute on Nonviolent Action for Church Reform

Over the summer we developed the online curriculum for our nonviolent resistance Institute  Changing Power Relationships and then rolled out the 3-month course in mid-August. Participants come together in bi-weekly live webinar sessions to share insights on assigned readings and experiences. The Institute culminates in a face-to-face strategic planning session in Washington DC November 16-18. The Institute is comprised of 27 active learners and church reformers from across the US, Mexico, Canada and Europe.

TEmpowerment Zonehis exciting pilot program, now in high gear, is grounded in the pivotal work of Dr. Gene Sharp, recently dubbed The Quiet American in the New York Times. He is Senior Scholar of the Albert Einstein Institution in Boston. Facilitated by Dr. Caridad Inda and a support team, the ACC Institute uses Sharp´s work to empower participants as they frame strategies transferable to reform action in the Catholic Church. The focus is practical, political and strategic as the group considers strengths and weakness of the struggle group (i.e. the Church Reform Movement) and the adversary group (i.e. the Vatican and its minions in the hierarchical clerical system). We are deliberating how to make this curriculum available to a wider audience in 2013.

Serpentine Belt Update on other ACC Engine Drivers  ACC continues an active role in the   Nun Justice Coalition. After having rallied support across the nation in hundreds of vigils to “Support the Sisters” during May, members of the coalition delivered the Nun Justice petition with over 60,000 signatures to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops at their meeting in June in Atlanta. Further planning developed more vigils in support of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious during its assembly in St. Louis in early August. Communities around the country became “Sister Cities” and held vigils and prayer services. Be sure to check out this short inspirational video:  We Are All Nuns. Over $100,000 has been directed or redirected to women’s religious orders by over 1,100 pledgers and thousands have downloaded media releases, prayer services and sample letters.

NunJustice Action
Photo Credit:  Seattle loves nuns! JOSHUA TRUJILLO / SEATTLEPI.COM

ACC has begun the work of consolidating and expanding data on Intentional Eucharistic Communities, with the goal of providing a website that will provide profiles of communities across the US and Canada, as well as resources for forming IECs, creating worship services and best practices.

ACC continues to promote and resource Listening Sessions across the US and Canada continue to unpack the Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. We see more and more Catholics referring to this foundational ACC document as they discuss the challenges of church reform and methods needed for success. If you are using the CBRR, let us know by documenting your experience on the CBRR Forum within the Assemblies Community Network.

American Catholic Council, Inc.
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