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NEWSLETTER                          March 11, 2014

Papal Anniversary Gatherings
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Full Report now available
 “Voices of the People:  responses to the Vatican Survey in preparation for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family” is now available!

      The Family Synod Survey, developed by a coalition of COR members, was completed by a little over 16,500 people by the December deadline.  The full report, prepared by Peter Fagan, PhD. M.Div., is now available here and has been sent to all relevant church officials.  

   In concluding the report, Dr. Fagan says, ” There can be no conclusion to this report because it is offered as participation to the dialogue and discernement leading up to the Extraordinary Synod on the Family to be held in the Vatican during October 2014.  However, if we were to try to capture what the respondents have said in one sentence, we turn to the voice of Pope Francis when he wrote,

The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel (EG #114).  If there were one near-universal hope of the over 16,000 respondents to this Survey, it would be that this vision of the church would become a pastoral reality.”

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Are we Catholics asleep?  If so, how do we wake up?  Are we a lazy bunch?  History has proven otherwise.  Are we ill informed?  Perhaps (the Pew Research Study of 2010 says so), but we have a chance to change that.


What do we need to do or say to excite Catholics around the new vision of  our Church that  is offered by  Pope Francis?  How significant is this “new look”?  Our Papal Anniversary gatherings give you a chance to analyse, discuss and apply this  new excitement to your local situation – be sure to get involved in this opportunity (fully described below)! The world has accepted this Pope with curiosity and tempered joy.  What do you think?


Generally,  when a leader displays a vision, action follows that has a determination and focus.  Some view Pope Francis with skepticism.  I’ve heard some say, “He looks good but what has he done to change the Church where we are hurting?” 


What if we dreamed a renewed Catholic Church into existence by following the modeling that Pope Francis is doing?  What if we collaborated on a vision of church that would pump our adrenalin, get us excited to get out of bed and do something everyday that would add to the power of Church created together?


We will soon  launch our regional gatherings (April) where we can begin to get an image of what that Church can look like.  We have a chance with Pope Francis.  He has asked the youth to make noise in the streets.  Are you ready for this?


I would love to hear your comments around this issue because quite frankly I am beyond fed up with the naysayers that claim there is no hope for the future of the Church.  I can’t read much more about how awful the Church is and how it needs to die a natural death for a new Church to be brought into being.  NO!  With Francis, we have opportunity because we have a pope who listens.  (email me at!)


Let’s give him something to listen to OR are you the Catholic who just pulls the covers over your eyes and leaves the work to Francis alone?


Janet Hauter

With hope in YOU,

Janet Hauter, National Chair, ACC 


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Papal Anniversary Gatherings

Celebrate the one year anniversary of Francis’ papacy by engaging in some meaningful discernment and action planning!


What do you think is the impact of Francis after a year?  Where do you see real change?  What provokes concern?  Most of all, how do you plan to support the momentum for change in the Church on the local level?


Access this new website developed by a coalition of COR members where you will find not only a template for holding the gathering but also:

  • A prayer service
  • Short, two-page downloadable “resources” on topics to jumpstart your discussions.  Topics include:
    • Rights and responsibilities of the Baptized
    • Church governance
    • LGBT Catholics
    • Inclusive Priesthood
    • Reproductive healthcare
    • Non-violence
    • Reproductive healthcare
    • Female deacons
    • Women’s Ordination 
    • Poverty and economic justice
    • Divorce, remarriage and annulment

Get your group together and 

Pray, Discuss, Act!


 What do Catholic families look like?
Send a favorite photo of your family to
to contribute to a complete picture of our Catholic community!

Our Affiliation with 

Catholic Church Reform International (CCR Int”l))


As CCR Int’l has solidified its global participation, the decision was made to include the word “international” in its name to reflect this worldwide presence.


“Forum on the Family:  Listening to the Faithful”, a two-day event on October 2 and 3, 2014 will take place in Rome just prior to the opening of the Vatican’s Extraordinary Synod on the Family. Representatives of CCR Int’l will gather to proclaim the “wisdom and competence” of the People of God, especially in matters relating to family life.  


In preparation for this event, worldwide regional gatherings will be held to promote grassroots participation and contributions to bring to Rome.  More details will follow!


 “One of the more serious temptations which stifles boldness and zeal is a defeatism which turns us into querulous and disillusioned pessimists, sourpusses.” (Pope Francis, EG)
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