Easter Greetings, April 3, 2015

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Subject: Easter Greetings!
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Easter Greetings!
American Catholic Council
April 3, 2015
Paschal Paradoxes
     Like the Easter season itself, full of the mystery and challenge of conflicting concepts –  life through death, victory through loss, strength through vulnerability – we bring you both joyful greetings and sad news.
     As we were preparing a joyful Easter message for this American Catholic Council seasonal greeting, we received the sad, though not unexpected, news of Robert Blair Kaiser’s death.
In the last year and a half, ACC has been collaborating closely with Catholic Church Reform International, which was co-founded by Bob.  We join with the many people over the years who have been both infuriated and inspired by Kaiser’s tenacious focus on changing the church that he loved.  Janet’s tribute is here:
Inspirational Reform Figure Meets St. Peter
Robert Blair Kaiser was called to heaven yesterday and the reform community is experiencing its own Good Friday moment!  Bob was a powerful force in the reform community partly because of the curmudgeonly personality with which he forcefully and unabashedly delivered his message to the world.  He was a courageous man with the biggest heart of any reformer I ever met; he was dauntless in pushing, prodding and confronting injustice in the church – but he wanted
desperately to wake the sleeping giant of the People of God to rightfully stand tall, speak out and force change on a grassroots level.  He wanted all of us to seek freedom from a domination system and be people of conscience as adult
thinking Catholics!
His legacy is powerful and poses an invitation to us all to be Resurrection Catholics!
Will you join us at ACC to live this legacy?


ACC heads to COR meeting
Janet and Sheila will be participating in the Catholic Organizations for Renewal semi-annual meeting in Boston next weekend.  All reform organizations are stirring with the “new life” of plans for keeping up the pressure for real change in the Church.  We had an amazing response to the call for Listening Sessions about the Synod on Family Life – we are writing that report now and it will be delivered in time to meet the April 15th deadline with the Vatican.
A full newsletter with details from the COR meeting will be forthcoming!
May Easter’s life-giving waters of renewal, 
new fire of creation and passion, 
and glorious triumph of life over death 
flood you with hope and resurrected energy 
to be the witnesses of mercy and justice in the world.  Alleluia!
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