Three years on, pope leaves Catholic conservatives feeling marginalized

By Philip Pullella and Tom Heneghan                    March 11, 2016                     Reuters on-line

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Three years after the election of Pope Francis, Roman Catholic conservatives are growing increasingly worried that he is quietly unraveling the legacy of his predecessors.

Francis’ popularity with most Catholics, and legions of non-Catholics, has given him the image of a grandfatherly parish priest who understands how difficult it sometimes is to follow Church teachings, particularly those on sexual morality.

Conservatives worry that behind the gentle facade lies a dangerous reformer who is diluting Catholic teaching on moral issues like homosexuality and divorce while focusing on social problems such as climate change and economic inequality.

Interviews with four Vatican officials, including two cardinals and an archbishop, as well as theologians and commentators, highlighted conservative fears that Francis’ words and deeds may eventually rupture the 1.2 billion member Church.

Chatter on conservative blogs regularly accuses the Argentine pontiff of spreading doctrinal confusion and isolating those who see themselves as guardians of the faith.

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  1. Richard Walters
    Posted March 13, 2016 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

    After being a member of the largest religious organization in the world that allowed hundreds of thousands of incidences of child abuse I no longer attend the Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church and now attend the Evangelical Catholic Church. It was the most freeing thing I ever did in my life. We have married priests, no exclusion from the Eucharist or exclusion of any group of people, follow the Roman Rite in a loving and compassionate atmosphere, and are even allowed women priest. We are also lay led. We no longer have to tolerate an exclusionary, punitive, and abusive hierarchy and the conservative temple police.

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