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We are a grassroots movement of faithful Catholics, grounded in prayer and dedicated to exercising our baptismal rights and responsibilities as full participants in the mission and governance of the Church, in order to make it more just, inclusive, collegial and compassionate. To that end, we provide action-oriented educational, communication and project resources to the baptized.

 ACC  invites your feedback on our developing mission, vision, goals and core values.


Please consider this as a developing draft of our Core Values in our work to achieve our mission:

As the American Catholic Council, we recognize that the bishops attending Vatican II voted in overwhelming numbers in favor of the core values of collaboration, subsidiarity, and collegiality.  They also embraced a heightened role for the faithful, stating emphatically that the Church is the people of God.  We are emboldened by these concepts and the Spirit of Vatican II on the “signs of the times” and we thirst for continued pursuit of these values as full members of the Body of Christ to re-imagine a Church that “is not yet.”

We have noticed Church leadership that have re-interpreted, negated, and/or ignored the blessings afforded the Church by Vatican II.  We openly reject these revisionist actions and instead recognize and affirm the following values:

  •   The primacy of conscience in decision-making by all members in the Church
  •   The place of democracy, not monarchical control, in structures that govern our lives.
  •   Inclusion of the faithful as equal members in deciding central Church issues and appointments to reflect “the signs of the times” and the inherent abilities and rights of the Body of Christ.
  •   The sacred dignity and giftedness of all people and their concomitant right to expression and participation in all aspects of Church.

We affirm these core values:

RESPECT:  We believe Jesus modeled a unique respect for all people through His loving kindness, Gospel compassion in dealing with conflict and mutual acceptance of the views of others.  We universally embrace that model for all communications and actions.

JUSTICE-BASED ACTIONS:  Our faith is justice centered.  We believe that by our baptism, we are stakeholders in the Church and empowered by the Spirit to speak to injustice in society and in the Church.  We will address injustice issues objectively, appropriately, openly, honestly and courageously and will not shirk that responsibility, as we work to bring about a gospel community whose governance is egalitarian, diverse and democratic.

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