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NEWSLETTER                    April 14, 2014
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 Happy Easter!
I turn to you, O God, in this season of spring,
bowing gratefully to every growing plant, every flourishing flower,
for each one sings an Easter metaphor full of memory, proclaiming your wild embrace of my inner life,
a life holding the promise
of an eternal return to spring.
(Joyce Rupp)
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Rosemary Was.


As we enter the holiest liturgical season of the year, we experience Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection.  Resurrection is not just a Jesus phenomenon, but something that happens to each and every one of us if only we are mindful, we know where to look.  Where do we see “new life”?  Where do we see hope, where do we see love overcoming the darkness of pain, suffering and death?


When we examine Scripture to better understand Jesus, we see that he was fully present for and with others and this radical “presence” and love caused people to follow Him.  Not long ago, I had an experience of this kind of presence.  Rosemary came into my life when I was wounded and lost and full of concern about our adolescent daughter, Hope.  Rosemary gently asked me a question and really listened as a flood of unanticipated information came out of me.  Out of nowhere, she shared her own story, assuring me that as a young woman she had similar experiences and that some people take a different learning path.  From that moment on, Rosemary and I became friends.  She was a special person who “walked the walk” better than most.  When she had a job to do, she was relentlessly dedicated to mastering the problem and coming up with the best possible solution. She selflessly applied these traits to her work on Church reform, in her local community with CCM and more widely in work for the ACC.


Late last Fall, I learned Rosemary had some “medical issues”.  As time moved on, she indicated that she was not healing at the rate she anticipated.  No complaints, just matter of fact.  I felt that if anyone could beat this thing, it would be Rosemary. We connected periodically as she helped us with our website which we so wanted to be bold and innovative, causing her to create draft after draft until we all celebrated with what it looks like today.


One day she calmly announced that she was entering hospice.  “HOSPICE,” I thought, my dreams for her recovery shattered as tears began to roll down my face.  I was stunned.  Rosemary calmly said, “I have to get my things in order.  It’s all right, Janet!”  Her faith was strong and it kept her focused.  I made a commitment to call often and we entered into a journey together. I tried to cheerlead her into fighting longer and told her she needed to go to Rome with us in October.  She sweetly said, “Janet, I will make every effort to do so but if I can’t, I have instructions to have my ashes sent to you so that they can be sprinkled in Rome so I, too, could leave my mark!”  I laughed when she said that and as we hung up, I had a good cry.


Rosemary Tackes died on Monday, March 24 and I lost a friend and the reform movement lost a champion!  Rosemary was a Resurrection Catholic because she saw a need and filled it.  She knew how to find hope and promise in desperate situations.  She was a champion because she gave her all to the cause and always guaranteed that the job she was doing was the best she was able to do.  The world needs more Rosemarys!  Our Church needs more Rosemarys! We need more Rosemarys to help Pope Francis inspire a healthier Church into existence!


Check out our new website (designed by her) and find a way to be a Rosemary that aligns with your interests.  Learn about Regional Gatherings; or, post a picture of your family to “my Catholic Family”, or forward this newsletter on to a friend.  Many hands are needed in the Vineyard for the fruits to be realized.  Scripture tells the story of Martha and Mary and while the world needs both, Rosemary is our modern day Martha.  Please discern where you are being called.  And, please feel free to contact me at JMWHauter@aol.com – maybe you have another “rosemary” idea!


May all the joy and promise of Easter be with you and your family,


Janet Hauter

Janet Hauter, National Chair, ACC


Forward to a Friend

If you had an opportunity to speak to Pope Francis…

what would you say?  Well, we are asking you to speak out through this Regional Gathering opportunity.  We need worldwide involvement in gathering Catholics together to speak with one another about their lived experiences.  Does Church teaching support your family in the problems of the day? We are working to help make Church teaching relevant to you and your family.
And we will pass your thoughts on to Pope Francis!
Details on this collaborative effort appear on the Catholic Church Reform website.  This effort has been developed to add realism to the planning synod in Rome this October where bishops will be setting the agenda for the 2015 Synod on the Pastoral Needs of the Family.  We need to guarantee that real life family experiences play a role in their planning!
Toward that end, position papers on aspects of family life that appeared in the Vatican Survey have been prepared and templates for organizing are ready.
Now, we just need YOU to organize a gathering (large or small) to discuss the issues and report back the real experiences of family that the faithful find challenging in these times.
This body of information will be sent to the Vatican and also taken personally to Rome in October at the Forum on the Family.
Please consider being a leader in holding a Gathering in your area so that you can, indeed, speak to the Pope!
 “It is my duty, as the Bishop of Rome, to be open to suggestions which can help make the exercise of my ministry more faithful to the meaning which Jesus Christ wished to give it and to the present needs…”
Pope Francis, EG, 32)
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