Canon Law


Read this interesting article written by an ACC supporter and published in CORPUS Reports, May 2014:  “In search of the Gay Clerical Voice” by James Ewens.

Articles and References: Women, Optional Celibacy, Canon Law and the Laity, Parish Closings and more

From ACC’s beginnings, we have collaborated with and relied on a free exchange of information with many reform groups.  Many resources are available free on the websites of multiple reform groups.  Some that were formative for ACC (especially in creating the toolkit for the first Listening Assemblies) are found on  Elephants in the Living Room ,  Future Church   and ARCC .  You may download, reprint and use these materials as required.  A few of these many resources are detailed here:

Alternatives to closing or merging parishes.

For detailed information about all aspects of dealing with parish situations, see Future Church’s resources.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Faithful (Canons 208-231)

Canons 208-223

Canon 224-231

The rule of celibacy for clergy in ancient and modern times.
The role of women in the church in ancient and modern times.
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