Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR)

Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR)

American Catholic Council is an active member of COR.
The COR website provides a full record of current projects.

Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR) is a leadership forum of U.S. church reform organizations. The purpose is to further reform and renewal in the Roman Catholic Church, to build an inclusive church, to bring about a world of justice and peace and to reflect the sacredness of all creation. COR works collaboratively to provide an authentic Catholic moral voice on these issues and coordinates projects that further these goals.

Brief History: The forum began when the leaders of a dozen organizations spent an afternoon in conversation just before the national conference of Call To Action in Chicago in November 1991. Recognizing strength in numbers, leaders acknowledged what they had in common and committed themselves to capitalize on this strength to further the work of reform.

It is through COR that many of the ACC collaborations are coordinated:  Papal Anniversary project, Family Synod Survey, Catholic Tipping Point, Nun Justice project are just a few examples.




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