Council 50 : a future for the People of God

The American Catholic Council is an active supporter of plans to hold a “Council 50” in Rome during the fall of 2015, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the closing of Vatican II.  Many European reform organizations are involved in this project – and several had sent delegates to the American Catholic Council in Detroit in 2011 to learn more about how to organize a large gathering.

Council 50 Worldwide Event : Rome (20th- 22nd November, 2015)

This event is planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary of  ‘the pact of the Catacombs’  and comes just
before the official celebration of the 50th anniversary of the close of Vatican II.

Participants will gather in Rome, as equals, seeking
– to declare a vision of a ‘future for the People of God’ and its commitment, inspired by the
Gospel, for a world of peace founded on justice and solidarity;

– to promote change and development within the Church, and in its interaction with the world;

– to prepare reflections and proposals to be forwarded to the Christian people and to the
hierarchy of our Church during the official celebration of the 50th anniversary of the close of
Vatican II;

– to know each other with our diversity within our unity of disciples of Christ


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