Intentional Eucharistic Communities

 American Catholic Council and Intentional Eucharistic Communities 

A little history:

Several years of listening assemblies and the Detroit Council itself highlighted the importance of the Intentional Eucharistic Community (IEC ) movement.  IECs represent an alternative  worship and community experience for many Vatican II Catholics—either as a supplement to or a substitute for parish-based  Catholic life. IEC’s are nearly as varied in type as they are in number.  Some attempt to be “all things” to Catholics—providing sacraments, social justice ministry, education, Sunday liturgy and opportunities for participatory community leadership.  Some are blessed with canonically ordained Catholic priests.  Others enjoy women priests or priests ordained in other Catholic churches.  Some “elect” presiding and ministerial services from among their membership. Some are ecumenical.  Many are extended prayer groups with social ministry—and extended family.  Others are university based and cater to student populations and others attracted to a student-centered community. A website at contains a useful definition of an IEC and a listing of IECs as of 2009.

A more recent website is also available at Alternative Catholic Experience.

For many years, William D’Antonio has been a “godfather” to IEC’s—assisting them in finding their theology, their sociology, their membership, and their organization.  Several national conventions of IEC members have been held. Click here to view of video of D’Antonio talking about IECS.

ACC  spent some time working with members of active IEC’s in an effort to discern how ACC could become a resource for IEC development and communication.  Although there was a plan developed for a more ambitious collaboration, at present  ACC  has determined that providing the links to the main IEC website and supporting this existing community is our best course of action.



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