The American Catholic Council consistently studies the trends occurring in the Church and what that means for the faithful, our targeted audience.

We will soon be populating any number of projects that we support: some will be ours and there will be others primarily from a collaborative reform entity that we attend regularly called COR, Catholic Organizations for Reform. 

We want to always learn from our past projects and you can find them under “Past Projects”, which will be active soon and we keep them for you because they give everyone new, valuable insights and ideas moving forward. 

Committed the criteria of our Mission, Values and the Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, we encourage all new ideas you might have for a project we might undertake.  Check to see if your suggestion meets our criteria to be sure we have an interest. Please write to us at:!

A new initiative we are working on now that will offer success stories from parishes and dioceses around the world is to showcase best practices, things that are working and working well, in a variety of cases where the grassroots identified an issue, formed a dialogue group to address the issue and developed “something new”.  We plan on showcasing such initiatives so that we all become more creative and proactive where possible. 



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