Listening Circles

The American Catholic Council is offering Listening Circles in response to Pope Francis’ invitation for the People of God to engage in Church locally.  So here is my dreamed response from our supporters who understand how vital this action is for us:

  • I would be glad to go to a Catholic Listening Circle because I would be able to see how the People of God think about Church under Francis’ papacy.I would be able to see what the “Body of Christ” looks like.
  • I would be able to see what it looks like when “two or three are gathered” in the name of Jesus.
  • I would be able to see how Church teaching is “received” by the People of God.
  • I would be able to hear their voices, listen to their priorities, see how they love one another.  I would be able to see and touch with my own hand the fruits of their work.
  • I would know what it means to be included and valued even though I am imperfect.
  • I would know I am part of the “Field Hospital” that is the model of Church that we are moving toward.
  • I would know I could spread the “good news” through my actions.

To access information about Listening Circles click HERE:

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