Past Projects

In preparation for the Council in Detroit, Listening Assemblies were held throughout the country to obtain grassroots feedback for the development of the Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

After the unanimous acclamation of the Catholic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities at the Council in June, 2011, ACC organized a new round of Listening Assemblies to explore actionable ramifications of the rights of the Baptized.  This template is still useful!  This model has been used again to encourage local groups to analyse and take action based on the new vision of Francis’ papacy.

Inspired by one of our most popular breakout sessions at the Council, ACC organized an online ‘webinar’ course on Nonviolent Resistance, based on the methodology of Dr. Gene Sharp.  Two dozen dedicated people studied, analysed and planned and then met in person in Washington, DC in the fall of 2012.  More information about this undertaking can be reviewed here.



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