Papal Anniversary Gatherings

 Papal Anniversary Project

At our fall 2013 COR meeting, it was felt that the one-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ election (March 15, 2014) created a window of opportunity to get Catholics together for discussion and discernment.  “What do you think of how things are going under Francis?” is the basic question.  A coalition of COR organizations, including ACC,  have collaborated to create a template for a local gathering to do this.  Different organizations have contributed short  “resource pages” on varying topics, to make the discussions easily prompted.  The template  includes a general introduction and a prayer service as well.  All this is available on a separate website, which provides everything you need for a successful event!

Plan a gathering now, to engage with other reformers in your area evaluating the state of our Church and how we can be part of a growing movement of change.  Your meeting can be in a living room or a hall, but it is time to plan local change and provide education in support of Francis’ “revolution”.

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