Reframing a Catholic Lay Spirituality


Reframing a Catholic Lay Spirituality to Ground the Church Reform Movement (pdf)
Working Draft (5-25-12) / Montana Catholics Working Group on Lay Spirituality

(6-27-12) We are happy to share this working draft developed by a group of lay Catholics in Missoula, Montana, who have been exploring what Catholic Lay Spirituality might mean in the 21st Century. We believe it is fodder for reflection among all those invested in the American Catholic Council and the Church Reform Movement. This work was initiated by Rosemary and Jim Tackes who attended the ACC in Detroit in June of 2011, returned to their home in Missoula, and then began the hard but critical task of local organizing. You can learn about some of their efforts in the grassroots of Montana here where they have nurtured a group of some 60 people in reform efforts. They have also engaged a subgroup of this community to begin developing a framework for redefining a Catholic Lay Spirituality in our time.

ACC believes this is an excellent illustration of how the reform movement develops from the “Ground-Up” rather than the “Top-Down,” and models dynamics of lay leadership and  bespeaks a participatory Catholic Church, rooted in our common baptism, the universal call to holiness and ministry, and the vision of Vatican II.

If your local reform group is engaged in a project, let us know!  We want to share the good news of the People of God working for a better Church.



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